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Universal talent expands functionality

The fluid technology specialist Bürkert is expanding its broad spectrum of sensor types with the additional option of connecting the new Type 8232 chlorine sensor to the individually configurable multiCELL measuring system. To supplement the new availability of the Type 8619 in a version with a plastic body (without any external metallic parts), the multichannel transmitter / controller can be used with a wide range of sensor types and offers flexible mounting options in the control cabinet, on a wall or pipeline.


Bürkert’s Type 8619 universal transmitter / controller, available as a panel version or as a separate body version for wall or pipeline mounting offers a flexible measuring system for connection to diverse sensors for different measurement, control and dosing tasks. The device is ideal for numerous applications in areas such as water treatment or the production of foods and pharmaceuticals. The system consists of a full-featured basic unit whose functions can be individually expanded as needed by adding hardware cards such as pH / ORP, conductivity, signal input and output cards, as well as software modules. This wide range of functions is now being expanded by the introduction of the new Type 8232 chlorine sensor for mounting in the separately available analytical measurement chamber. This additional feature boosts Bürkert’s know-how in the area of sensor technology, making it possible to fulfil customer requirements more individually.

Lead through intelligent chemistry

Different versions of the membrane-covered amperometric sensors ensure their flexible use in applications in which free chlorine can be measured down to very low concentrations. The intelligent composition of the electrolytes used in Type 8232 makes it possible to fulfil the customer requirement for a virtually pH-independent measurement of the free chlorine content. In addition, the sensitivity of the membrane with respect to blocking by biofilm formation can be reduced drastically, which allows use in biocide-free water. A search for traces of chlorine, for example in the inlet stream of a reverse osmosis system, is therefore possible.

Customised analysis panels thanks to Bürkert’s broad portfolio

The multiCELL is ideal not only for chlorine measurement. The universal transmitter and controller can display its strengths to the advantage of the customer especially in combination with different parameter measurements and tasks such as chemical dosing or pH stabilisation. The individual components for measuring quantities such as chlorine, flow rate, pH value or pressure can be combined with additional components such as valves or pumps to create a customised system tailored to the customer’s exact requirements.

The main features of the new Type 8232 chlorine sensor:

  • Measurement ranges from 0.005..2.000 ppm and as high as 0.01..20.00 ppm
  • Availability of a version with drastically reduced pH-dependency
  • Special version for use in chlorine-free water
  • User-friendly connection and calibration by means of multiCELL Type 8619
  • Individual combination of sensors to create multi-parameter analysis panels

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